About us

VOLKER is a mexican Company, founded in 2014 in Guadalajra by a group of friends, specialists in diverse tooling areas with more than 15 years of experience. We are passionate about design, problema solving, quality, improvements, and optimization, and we found fulfillment of these passions by creating the tools that give solution to our customers needs.


We help ourselves with a friendly and wonderful technology for all the stages of our work. We design with SolidWorks and programs that adapt to their environment, as well as DelCam for the programming of machinery for manufacturing, which is mostly computer-aided (CNC). We also have excellent tables and custom organizers in the MS Office ecosystem to guarantee the flow of information and the monitoring of work schedules. We are faithful followers of order and quality.

"Specialist in tooling design, development, manufacture and maintenance."

Stamping dies

We design, fabricate and maintain high quality stamping dies to manufacture any kind of metalic part. One step tool or progressive dies for parts made in presses up to 500 tons. Parts for electrical, electronics, consumer goods, automotive and aerospace industries.

Extrusion dies

We create excellent quality aluminium extrusion dies. We have overcome great challenges and we feel very proud of our work. Extrusion dies for profiles for architecture, home, automotive, aerospace, in diverse sizes and uses.

Investment casting molds

The investment casting process is marvelous and extremely useful for quantity production of metal parts. This process has more precision and better surface finish than sand casting, thats why is used in smaller parts that also need to be produced in series. We have created for flow control industry (all kind of valves), cosumer goods (refrigerators, washer machines and dryers) manual, semi-automatic and full automatic molds with the cavities that your part or process requires.

Casting Patterns

Casting patterns for classical foundry. Made out of wood, aluminium, cast iron (for cores) and fiberglass. Created with the highest technology and machined to ensure required quality and accuracy. For all applications and industries.


Safe and durable part fixtures. Designed to guarantee the reliability of the process, whether be assembly, welding, painting/coatings, machining, inspection and dimensioning. Materials and techniques for metal-mechanical, automotive and electronics industries with over 10 years of experience.

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